Independent and Private Living

Our independent living units provide a solution for retirees looking to downsize in a more manageable home, but who still wish to maintain their independence. They are designed for accessibility and can cater to the needs of older people as their needs change.

We have 63 one to three-bedroom units in Deloraine & Westbury, across several sites including:

  • Kanangra Gardens, Deloraine – 10 units
  • Moriarty Gardens, Deloraine – 14 units
  • St Marks Court, Deloraine – 29 units
  • Westbury Gardens, Westbury – 10 units


Purpose-Built for Accessibility

Our units are purpose-built to cater to people’s lifestyle choices and needs as they plan to leave their family homes in later life. They give tenants independence and privacy, with a pathway to further care at Kanangra or Grenoch if their individual needs change.

Many of our units are covered under the National Rental Affordability Scheme, and have been designed with energy efficiency in mind to keep living costs down.

Units in Deloraine and Westbury

Our independent living units include 34 two to three-bedroom units and 29 one to two-bedroom units at St Mark’s Court. Our two to three-bedroom units include 10 units in Westbury and 24 in Deloraine. These bespoke units were designed to be accessible and cater for the needs of people as they age.

The one to two-bedroom units at St Mark’s Court offer a community-focused living experience, with comfortable units free of the worries of maintaining a garden or lawns. Our tenants enjoy independence and privacy just a short walk from the main street, with caring neighbours of a similar age group.

Come & join us!

The decision to move into aged care can be a daunting one, but with the help of our team, it can be a seamless transition into a better life.

Get in touch today and one of the team can help you make the right choice for you or your loved one.

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